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b18 vaccum lines need pic or diagram

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Ok, As usual i let my 1 month projects take all year.... and now for the life of me i can not figure out where the vaccum lines from the map and purge solenoids go on my intake...
there are a couple of full vaccum ports on the front of the intake by the throttle body opening there is the vaccum dashpot hooked to the linkage and there are 2 full vac. ports on the rear..... i know the map line goes to full vaccum but am not sure about the ones on the purge solenoids... . .

Anyone have a close up pic or diagram even one for a d series would be helpful enough to get me in the right direction

in advance

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anybody have a clue??

I have the Integra factory service manual... would a scan from there help? (if I can find one in there)
Yeah that would work.... i have an integra manual that I got off of a friend... .and it does not show it darn crappy manual....

In advance Sticker.. .
Which engine is this from? B18B? B18C? There's diagrams for a few different engines in this manual.
Since there can be many differences from year to year of both body and motor, can you post a pic easily of what you have, and that way i or someone else can photoshop in lines for where you need vacuum lines to run? :)
yeah ill photo it tomorrow and post it up.... .its a b18a1 from a 90 teg. .
Oh ok... my service manual covers the 1998 engines. It doesn't have a B18A vacuum line schematic in it.
i have the helms manual for that car if you want the diagrams just drop me an email and ill send em to ya. [email protected] or [email protected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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