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Reckone said:
I have a complete 94 Integra parts car. I am looking to swap the B18b and hydro trans into my 90' CRX dx.

I was wondering if I use the hydro trans, what axels do i use with the 94' intermediate shaft?
Most people use the 90-93 DA axles... but your DC axles work just fine. Remember to take the dust rings out of the hubs or they will bind. In addition to the mount kit for the motor you will need a hydro to cable adapter (like the one HASport and Espeed make). There's a design flaw in the adapter that makes two of the pieces rub together, resulting in ridiculously high pedal pressure and stretching the cable a lot. Matt had that problem and recently discovered a remedy, I'm sure he will be all over that soon.

Also, I want to upgrade the front brakes. Could i swap the 9
4 integra front brake setup to the CRX? Or will they not fit?
They won't fit, if you want to upgrade to larger rotors you want either 90-91 Civic EX Sedan knuckles (impossible to find) or 90-93 DA knuckles.

HackAbuse said:
I believe you will have to do alot of wiring to convert from DPFI to MPFI.
It's really not that bad, "a lot of wiring" is really all about how comfortable you are with it, but it's not bad and it's been done a billion times. If you need help, I'm 10 minutes away.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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