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ok so as i come to a stop the the rpms drop down to like 2 then go past 5 then back down three times then stays above 5. every once in a while it dies and wont strat back up. I let the gas cap off and all kinds off pressure releases how do i fix this prblem? is it a fuel fiter? please help...
I took it to fresno and it drove fine though so it is not that bad i guess i would just hate to break down some where....


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Your gas cap issue isnt the problem.When I undo my gas cap on a hot summer day it releases pressure from the tank.
As for your other concerns give us a little bit more info. i.e.:engine hot when the idle gets irratic?cold?
Idle 2 meaning 2K or 200?
5 meaning 5K or 500?
Do you have a stock engine or modded?mileage?
Help us help you sir.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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