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Bad Injector? Pic of it inside

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I took my fuel rail off today to check my injectors. One of my injectors looked like this:

My car runs fine. I just want to know how much this will alter performance of my car. It idles fine and revs good. I just want to know how bad or degrading it is to a car.
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well the jet itself doesnt look damaged, the only thing that i think may happen is if you have foreign objects coming in through the busted part there... from that picture its hard to tell where the seal against the cylinder head is made by the injector...

you may want to replace it just for peace of mind

just my two cents
To me it just looks like the little plastic guard has gotten hard and crumbled. Honda probably won't sell you just that part (but check Majestic just to be sure), but if you have a good diesel shop in your area, talk to them. There's usually a good diesel injector service shop in most decent-sized cities, and they're familiar with injectors and all their parts. I had a set of Integra injectors cleaned up and flow-tested at a local diesel specialist, and he was surprised; all four flowed within .5% of each other, and well within spec. Cost me $75 to have the set done, and they ended up looking (and, more importantly, performing) like new. These were '87 Integra injectors that I picked up at a junkyard, and they looked like they were a good 15 years old... They still work great (they live in my '87 CRX)

Oh, and I'd make sure and replace the injector seals and O-rings when you're reinstalling them. Just pointing that out, obvious though it may be. A light coating of Vaseline (or motor oil) will make it easier to install the O-rings and seals, and it helps them seal better as well.

Kwicko said:
Oh, and I'd make sure and replace the injector seals and O-rings when you're reinstalling them.
Reminds me of the time I had my engine torn down. I was in a big hurry to get it back together after it sat in my garage for about 5 months. So I just skipped that part of replacing the O-rings. When we tried to start it gasoline sprayed every where. That was my idiot moment.
Don't feel bad - how do you think I learned it? :)

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