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Bad Shift Fork?

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This is an offshoot of an earlier post. They're not bent or cracked but this doesn't seem right.

Is my only option to cannibalize another trans for a replacement?
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Like what even causes this?
aggressive shifting 1-2 or 2-3 shift. it wears thin like the fork tips, then breaks off.
I swapped out the fork from her hf transmission. It was a perfect match.

Now the problem is that I can't get snap ring to seat around the counter shaft. I've tried everything, including bouncing the tranny against concrete to get it to seat. No luck and now all the sealant has probably dried. In the video, this step looked pretty easy.

I am so tired of working on this car.
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did you change out the countershaft and/or the outer bearings?
I did not. I replaced the main shaft bearing and the carrier bearings.
mainshaft bearing upside down? Why I ask for pics during the builds.
So I decided to take the trans to a shop and they took everything apart and reassembled and it fit. However, the mechanic also recommended swapping the other two shift forks. I gave him the forks from the old HF tranny that we had, with the warning that one of them was not interchangeable according to the part numbers. I think 3-4 is a different part number.

Nevertheless, it appears that he swapped-out the remaining two forks, which means I now have a D16 trans with all HF forks (only two of which I think are interchangeable). According to him, it bench tested fine but when I compared the two forks side by side earlier, it looked like the D16 fork was beefier, presumably to handle more torque.

I feel dumb writing this, but will using the wrong fork cause problems down the road? I was planning to install this trans on Friday so it's now or never.
To clarify, it looks like all 88 trims used the same P# for 3-4: 24210-PL3-020. In 1989 they were all upgraded to P# 24210-PL3-040.
just updated part numbers, I almost had one for myself from HPD.

88-91, forks are interchangeable.
92-95 1-2 are different (2 pads) but interchangable with 88-91
88-95, 5th forks are all 88-91 PL3 parts.

Broken middle pads on 88-91 1-2 forks are common and won't effect shifting much.
With the HF forks, you should have just dropped in the whole assembly and moved on. I have 10-12 cores here just missing shifter forks.
The transmission is finally back together and installed, and the car runs and shifts great. No more slamming when you let the clutch out. No more steering problems.

And so it's probably time to sell it. My daughter goes to college in the fall in SLC and doesn't really need a car. That and if something were to break, I won't be around to fix it anymore. I hope we can find a good home for it.
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