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Balancing the crank, Do I need to?

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I got the engine torn apart. Looks very good. Don't even need a hone on the sleeves. JP pistons are I hope in the mail to me as well as new rods. My friend who has lots of experience with the high powered V8 world, says I need to pull the crank and get it balanced with the new rods/pistons that weigh differently.
Any thoughts on this?
This is a b20b hybrid with b16a head.
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If you are getting high quality pistons, I would imagine they should come in a balanced set.

Unless you are going to be revving much higher than stock, I wouldn't have it balanced. The shop that was going to be building mine suggested against it because it really isn't worth the extra money. Also, the way the engine is oiled, it won't stay truely balanced even if you have all the work done.

Just check the pistons and rods to make sure they are all close.
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