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Hi all - I'm pretty unfamiliar with Civics, but I have an opportunity to buy one of two '88 CRX 2-door Hatchback's and I was hoping for some advice. If this is the wrong forum, I apologize! (Would this belong better somewhere else?)

The first is a CRX DX w/ a SI tranny
Motor has been replaced w/ Japanese VTEC "AC Short block single-overhead Cam" with a "Y8 head" and "DX Headers"
Computer is also replaced
New Clutch
New Axle
It's got air conditioning (but don't know how well it works - will be checking it out tomorrow)
There's also a pair of "Tenko racing seats", and 16" Razor rims.

He's asking 1700.

The second one also has a new motor: a VTEC "dual over head cam GSR 1800" motor w/ headers
Replaced computer
"Edelbrock manifold"
Modified front suspension
"KYB adjustible shocks"
16" rims and B&M shifter.
No AC on this one, and he didn' say anything about SI tranny or not.

I didn't get a price on this one.

I'll be going to take a look at them tomorrow. Any help much appreciated! (even if it's 'the deal sucks' or 'sounds good!'). Oh, and also if there's anything else I should look at / be wary of.

And how much would it cost to re-install and airconditioning system in the second car?

Thanks for helping out a new guy!
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