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If you've installed new rotors and pads on your vehicle, here is what you should do to break in the rotors + pads.... this will prevent premature warping of rotors and give your brakes much longer life .

* While the vehicle is stationary, pump brakes to ensure a firm pedal.
* Drive the vehicle cautiously to test fit and function.
* The brakes should be smooth, with no vibrations, judder, etc.
* Drive the vehicle to a remote area and perform at least 30 brake applications of 3-second duration. Use light/medium deceleration with varying starting speeds. Leave at least ½ mile between each brake application.
* The purpose of this procedure is to gradually increase the temperature in the components without inducing thermal shock, and to mate the brake pad and disc friction surfaces.
* After the repeated stops, drive the vehicle for several miles with little or no braking in order to adequately cool the components.
* After the above process is completed, the system is ready for normal use.
* When the system achieves elevated brake temperatures for the first time, a slight increase in pedal travel and pedal effort may occur. After this first "fade" and proper cooling, the system will maintain its optimum performance at all temperatures.
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