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Best JDM Website?

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Where is the best website for rare JDM parts?
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I have heard some bad things on other forums about various sites and i want to know what you guys think.
I never buy through JDM websites...they are all usually overpriced and the quality of the goods is questionable. Especially since most of them dont' seem to care and won't show you detailed pictures of the individual product before you pay for it.
never bought anything from those guys.

i bought my vt spoiler from Jarco Inc. near atlanta, ga. not a problem, very cool people there.

i bought my b16 from Noyan in Mannasas (sp?) and it was a horrible experiance. Was supposed to it with a LSD, so I paid for it and about 15 minutes later they came up to me and said they didnt have it, they must have sold it (even though he promised me he would hold it until i got there). I said fine give me differance from the lsd back and give me a regular swap. "Oh we dont have any swaps left" and credited my card. I knew of a tranny in my hometown so I decided Ive driven 250 miles I might as well buy the engine while im here. Get one picked out and then they tell me my credit card declined!! Long story short they messed up the credit, over drafted me. Big mess took 2 weeks to work it all out with the bank. I would not buy from them again.
Password JDM has a pretty decent selection on used parts and they're prices seem half decent, I've never bought anything from them. Shipping kills though, but you can expect that from any real JDM dealer (especially over here in PA).
pssword jdm is ok, i would like to know where veryone else gets there stuff from. A lot of the popular once ARE overpriced
Wasuri said:
... i would like to know where veryone else gets there stuff from. A lot of the popular once ARE overpriced
I get cosmetic stuff from eBay, but of course that's not always the most reliable source.
i think it was honda-tech where i saw someone talking about password jdm. they said they were ordering a front-clip and then found a better looking, better priced one. he asked for his money back and they said they didn't have it at the moment. other people have said they get parts that look like crap, and don't care about quality of their products.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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