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Best means to selling a car... *Not a for sale ad

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to sell my Impreza and was just wondering your experiences on selling vehicles as to what you prefer. In the past I have always used forums and the local ads and had pretty good luck. I was thinking of using autotrader, but I don't know how serious I am to front the $50 it costs to post. I'm sure it would get the best interest on something like that, but $50 is something I'd prefer to stay away from if I can. I know it's not that bad either. Ebay charges a fee also. Just seeing what your experience is and you have used anything other then the ordinary.
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remember with autotrader you get the ability for alot of local exposure but also online.

My work is on a very busy road, I usually park a car near the road with a for sale sign before anything else. I sold one car in a week and my old toyota truck in literally 10minutes from parking it. If you have somewhere you can park it I would try that for a week first and post it everywhere you can online for free first. Dont forget Craigslist.
I sold my '99 Accord last year using Autotrader.

I parked it at two different busy strip mall places, and received many calls. When I showed the car, most people wanted to lowball me way under the lowest value of the car. I also parked it with two signs on it at my work, which was right on the highway. No dice.

I got fed up and knew I needed to expand my market, so I went with Autotrader, found what price was right and listed it. Next day I had three calls, showed the car twice and the second guy bought it. Next day I had two more calls before erasing the ad.

The person who bought it lived about an hour away from me, and never would have found me if it wasn't for the online ad.

It worked for me, but with the glut of used cars, you need to have the correct asking price.

Good luck.
when i was looking to buy a crx i was willing to travel 500 miles for it. I wouldnt have found it if it werent for autotrader.
Thanks guys...good recommendations. That's the thing with blue book and nada on a 'rarer' care...that isn't taken into consideration. It's pretty difficult to find a 2.5 RS, 4 doors they made even less. Blue book and Nada put them at about $8k or under, but I see them for sale on autotrader and the like for around $10k. I'm looking to get about $9k for it, so I think this would be reasonable. The problem being that so many people just got directly to blue book and that's that. I think something like autotrader would be the best bet for something like this. It's more of niche market for people able to seek out a specific vehicle.
I forgot to mention that I have had it posted on a couple subaru forums for sometime, just to get interest. Had lots of hits at first but it just fizzled out. I may spend the money and post it on autotrader...
recycler/ its free unless you want to add a bunch of extras and you get local advertisements as well as national ads online :)
Best means to selling car is only relevant to what you wanna buy Justin. Are you looking into a new lease, a new purchase, a lease bring back, or used car from a dealership or a private add? If you are planning on buying anything from a dealership, bring it in on a trade. Not only does it drive the new car price down, it also makes the taxes lower as you pay less for your car (always a bonus when tax is 14% like up here). I know what you will say tho, they never give you the price that the car is worth. What you do is fight them for that price. Print off some local autotrader ads for the same car with similar mileage and ask that the price be no lower then 10% of what they posted it. IF they refuse, walk away. Once they see you aren't interested in there offer they will up it because they will want there commission as usual.

We brought back a 1988 GMC 1500 with blown head gaskets, no working odometer. The odometer read over 300kms before it died 2 years previous. The only thing going for the truck is it wasn't rusty lol. GM dealership gave us 1800$ because we fought for it, the original offer was 1000$.
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Good call Sebastian. My goal is to find another Wagon of somesort...really miss the room. If that means it may lack style or performance, so be it. Also prefer better gas mileage for my 50 miles per day. Hence why I am looking for a USED 88-91 Wagovan. I don't know if dealerships do "trade downs" but I have found a nice one in Ohio at a dealership and would work on the price because it's low miles (133k) and is clean. It seems that anyone getting rid of a Wagovan is looking for something similar in trade and doesn't have the funds to make it worth it for me. I'm not going to be stupid with this either and end up with a $5-6k Wagovan. I've also posted interested in trading for a Impreza Wagon or any Wagon of somesort and haven't had much luck. Only response I have had are Wagons with high mileage, which I also want to stay away from.
The only car I can honestly say I would hassle with trading up for is a new(ish) Fit. Would be perfect...just don't know if I could work it out or not and don't know how much more I'd be paying per month.
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Ever thought about 90-93 or 94-97 accord wagons?
Its me DUB said:
Honestly, no. Maybe I should open my horizon...
Honda reliability in a wagon with 500-600 kms to a tank, can't go wrong.

PS: Get a 90-93 and I'll swap an H22 in it ;) .
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