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As NozHayr stated on 3/22/2009 "Broken climate controls are a way of life for most CRX owners". I live in Florida so I will not be using the temp dial very often at all. The plastic that surrounds the temp dial has a hairline crack at about the 4 o'clock position. Has anyone come across a good glue that is clear or black that might bond onto this type of plastic?
I am just trying to prevent the crack from getting longer. My '90 had the same problem but I never had a chance to fix it. A slightly intoxicated neighbor t-boned the car and the insurance company pronounced it DOA. I have read the posts about changing out cables and the entire unit etc but I am just trying to get the car ready to sell. You may ask "why even bother". It's because that's what CRX owners do.
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