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Best Throne?

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Ok i don't know why i was thinkin this but i was

this question goes out to anyone who has every sat on a toilet, where is the place you feel most relax i.e. your house, your friends, public, tree in the woods anywhere.

you know a place to ponder lifes wonders like:
How much does a thought wiegh
or why is it that when you jump in a train or a plane you don't go to the back
or what is the best part for my rex
or even you always here about the 8th wonder of the world what about the other 7

so where is your best most comfotablist tp station

Mine would definetly have to be my grandmas, good height, nice soft TP
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Definitely most comfortable at home. Privacy. ;)

Best place ever: On the top executive floor at the huge "Worldspan" building in Atlanta. That bathroom was the bomb. I was visiting a buddy, an IT guy who had access to all floors. The walls were all floor-to-ceiling, nice thick wood doors, very quiet. It was like your own private sanctuary. Wish I had pics.
best throne is always at home, but when i worked at the pentagon i spent plenty of time searching out the best ones. based on cleanliness, privacy you know the drill. the closer you get to generals the better the crappers by the way.

and i dont know about the other questions but i can tell you where the other seven wonders of the world went, most of them are gone except the great pyramids. the others were destroyed in various wars, disasters etc.

the hanging gardens of babylon, the great lighthouse of alexandria, statue of zeus at olympia, the colossus of rhodes, the mausoleum of halicarnassus,
and the temple of artemis in ephesus. now gone. so when someone think theyve made something great..they call it the 8th.
MarkWilliamson said:
This has to be, without a doubt, the weirdest question I have ever been asked. I have no answer because it's not a thing I ever considered.
i have never heard of a guy who didn't have a favorite shi......... place to drop the kids off at the pool.. you know taking the browns to the super bowl

anyone else have any good toilet anologes
Yup, home sweet home is always best, but sometimes you have to go at work or school and wish you could enjoy the privacy of home, so I tend to seek out good bathrooms. As far as public ones go, I interned at an architecture firm that had the same type of full floor-to-ceiling framed walls that crxfisher mentions separating the walls. The heavy wood doors were almost full height as well (6" or so gap top and bottom). Very nice, private stalls. At the architecture building in college where we spent so many all-nighters I had a favorite was in the basement and in a "secondary" part of the building, making it very isolated and seldom used.

God, what a weird thread...can't believe I just contributed.
home is best for me. i haven't taken the browns to the super bowl at work yet. i don't plan on it unless there is a possible asstastrophe on the way. i usually leave my door open too when i'm at home, i dunno why.

my friend's second bathroom isn't bad at all cause i'm usually on it 3 times a day due to heavy drinking. it's mainly awesome cause he has a stack of auto weeks.
Used to be my grandma's house. She had one of those old school foam-wrapped-in-plasticy-vinyl-type toilet seats, and the shag-like furry rug around the bottom. It was like taking a dump sitting on the couch (not that Ive ever done that)!

Now, since mamaw got rid of that stuff, its probably my bathroom at my parent's house... not the most comfy seat, but there are excellent fart acoustics.
brx017 said:
Used to be my grandma's house. She had one of those old school foam-wrapped-in-plasticy-vinyl-type toilet seats, and the shag-like furry rug around the bottom.
Man, same at my grandma's house, but that was about 15 years ago for me. Those toilet seats are awesome. They're soft and they don't get too cold in the winter.
gotta say my own
I grew fond of stall 2 and 4 of my old dorm... but now i have a private bathroom, well i share it with 1 other guy. thats definately the best.

but if im on the road, CompUSA never lets me down. :wink:
I have a problem going #2 anywhere else but home.

If I have to go at a fast food place, I stuff the john with so much toliet paper so I dont get a splash. :lol:
Charlie said:
if im on the road, CompUSA never lets me down. :wink:
Barnes & Noble always has nice (clean) crappers... and a$$-gaskets.
Some of the cleanest around are at hospitals. A friend of mine let me in on that little secret one time when we were on a road trip. He says "Man, I gotta take a dump. Find a hospital!" To which I reply "Dang, how bad you gotta go???" Then he explains that the hospitals usually have really clean crappers. So we found one and he was right. :wink:
the one time i crapped myself in public i was lucky enough to land on a very clean sports athority crapper. when you have shorts on and see it running down your leg, you run like hell to the nearest bathroom. i was quite pleased with the facilities.
anyone else have any good toilet anologes
Dropping the kids off at the pool.
Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.. (my 5 year old girl says that now>)
"Dad, I gotta take the browns to the Super Bowl..." its so cute!
Drop the Duece or Dropping the Duece...
Unleash the Sea Monkey!
Stain the porceline
Make A Stinky!
Sink McHales Navy
I have a Turtle Peeking...

Oh my god... do you all realize exactly what we are talking about!! :lol: :lol:

Id leave more... but I have to go Float a Boat!


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i always loved the "drop a deuce"

cop a squat
Prarie Doggin'
Gopher Holin'
Dolf off (a textiles term)
Check my fiber (if it floats, you've got enough)
Breach birthin' (constipated)
Hershey squirts
Soft serve

...All I can think of now.
OMG :lol: WHAT HAVE I STARTED?!?!?!?!?!?


brx017 said:
Charlie said:
if im on the road, CompUSA never lets me down. :wink:
Barnes & Noble always has nice (clean) crappers... and a$$-gaskets.
I was at Barnes & Noble once and when I walked in the restroom if looked like a murder site, so I turned around and had to hold it in until I got home.
Pinch a loaf
Take care a bid'ness
Weapons of Ass Destruction (Duklear Bomb anyone?)
Bustin' a grommet
Blowing a gasket
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