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Black or Yellow?

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I'm contemplating on weater I should paint my car Black or Yellow. The car was originally Black.
I really like black cause it looks stealthy, but also like Yellow cause it just stands out. Does anyone know some color options for Black and Yellow?
I want everyones opinion/ Input.
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Go Y-49 :lol:

Its up to you on what you want. Do you want a DD or a show car? DD stay black, show car go with the standing out colors.

Cops can really see a car that stands out from the others.
Yellow FTW!

Don't get Y-49 tho...
i love yellow, but BELIEVE ME, THE Y-49 CURSE IS REAL!!!!!!!
But i was told its only when you own a Y-49 from the factory, but its not cursed if you paint it that way.
The Y-49 curse affects all cars that have ever been Y-49... beware :lol:
Thanks for the opinions, This car is a daily driver. I wanted to go yellow, but like you guys mentioned It would definatly stand out to cops and theives. But if I go black it should be a little more ahhhh how you say less appealing to cops and theives. I'll take pictures once its all done to show you guys.
Oh yeah, Whats this y-49 curse i've been hearing about so much, someone please explain to me.

Thanks community!
Just another FYI, if you go black the prep work needs to be damn perfect or it will show. Lighter colors don't "tell" on the bodywork like dark ones do.
dude go two-face and do a two-tone job. :shock: heh jk.

y49 curse is a long history of accidents, breakdowns, and quirks that follow CRXs with the barbados (sp?) yellow (code Y-49) color from the factory. even extensive TLC, carefull driving, and resprays to different colors can't save you. if you go yellow, and like adventure, go y-49 !! :lol:
ive always loved a nice yellow paint job myself
Y-49 FTW!
I would go with black 8) and to be honest a IMHO a good paint job would make a black CRX look better than a Y-49 any day!!

Although yellow does look good too, ollie might like this....

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Or how about a different colour.....

Another yellow...

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SETI20 said:
Once you go black.... 8)
I hear that man! Just like going turbo :twisted:
Sellout!! :p :bounce:

Sure if you want to look like a prize bannana then go for it!! :lol:
As posted above, a color which reflects more light will tend to hide imperfections in body work. So, if you want to get away with less body work, go with a lighter color.
i say a really dark black... if not a mettalic black or a gold or a new penny copper color..
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