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Can anyone recommend a good body kit, for my 90 crx. I wanted to buy front and rear lips and just simple side skirts for my rex but it seems kind of expensive and i don't know where i would get the parts, i got the idea of the lips and skirts from someone that posted pictures of their rex in the lounge area of the forum, he got a front lip from a 94 civic, and side skirts and rear lips from another car, and put it all together, it looked nice, but i wouldn't even know how to go about making everything fit

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I would stay away from a body kit. Not worth wasting the money.
Some options:
Front lip:
Stock Crx lip

Everything else listed below will need to be modified to fit but can work and it is not hard at all. Just need a dremel tool for trimming and mounting hardware.
88-91 Civic lip
92-95 Civic lip
86-89 Integra lip
Mid 80's VW GTI lip

Sideskirts you can modify 92-00 Civics or 94-01 Integras.

Rear lip, the best i have found so far is the 86-89 Integra front lip.

All of this stuff can be easily found at salvage yards.
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