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So yeah, it was a bad afternoon.
I was working at my buddy's house doing some body work for him and when I go to leave, I notice one of my rear tires is completely flat. My buddy has a compressor, so I go to move my car and take it down his gravel driveway. As I maneuver off the street and into the drive, I get absolutley stuck, one wheel in the air, my ass blocking traffic in the street. And did I mention it was POURING outside? So we try to use his jeep and a tow rope and nearly rip his bumper off. We finally grab the big Chevy that were working on and use that to tow me over, nearly ripping my entire exhaust off.

When I go to fill my tire, I can hear it coming out of the hole as fast as it's going in. So now I can't even get it home 'cause of course I don't carry my donut in the trunk. Well, his neighbor flips used cars and has several 4x100 donuts, but won't let me use one cause he doesn't want them to get 'dirty.' And my buddy has been doing paint and body work for this stingy butthole for a couple of years!

So my buddy has to ride me all the way home (~30 min) and all the way back (~30 more min) so I can grab my spare tire and tools. When I try to leave, I almost get high centered again. So I have to back down his driveway and get a running start so I can use the momentum to launch me over the end of his drive, again nearly ripping the undercarriage from out of my car.

Looking back, it's funny I guess, but damn that sucked.
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