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brake help!!!!!!

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i got my front wheel off and my car is being held up by a crappy jack, how many bolts do i need to take off the pads ? i swung the caliper up after taking off 1 bolt but i can't get the inside brake pad off the font of my car how is it released ??? please help fast !!!
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That should be all you need to do. You swing the caliper up and pull the pads out. That should be it. Just the one bolt.
i got it but i broke the retainer clips and no one in my area has them in stock sad.gif

thanks anyways to everyone who replied cool.gif
advance auto and all the honda dealers around here keep them. 4 for $20 at advance $8 each at honda.
If you can not find them at all... i have some off of my 88 si parts car that i can strip off and mail to you . . .
throw a buck or 2 for shipping and ill get them off this weekend . . .


yeah. . 1 bolt and there off there... .the big ones only need to come off to change the rotor out for maching or replacement ( which you should be doing anyway)
thanks man i got like the last one on long island :) brakes are in all i need is to bleed hem now :evil:
RexOwner said:
thanks man i got like the last one on long island :) brakes are in all i need is to bleed hem now :evil:
If you are just installing pads,why bleed them?
Thats not necessary.
err i hit the brake cause i thought my cylinder was frozen couldn't get it to compress in :x
Although it is not necessary to bleed the brakes it might not be a bed idea whil you are in there.... spray the bleeders up and let them soak with a good penetrant.. usually though the rule is ... if you do not see fluid doing whatever you are doing then you do not need to bleed..

pressing the petal will throw the piston the wrong way... usa a brake tool or an old pad and a c clamp. turning slowly with hand pressure only. .
good luck

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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