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brake problem!!!!!!!!!

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I know I know late as ever. I had this exact problem with my 88 recently It turned out to be the wheel cylinder. Now how do I know this because I replaced everything the year before on all the brakes except the rear wheel cylinders and the calps. I am not saying it isn't the rotors it very well could be.

I just know that mine would almost shake the steering wheel out of my hands when I braked. I just recently did the brakes over vacation and haven't had the problem since. Oh and also I could hear the passenger side brake compensating for the one that wasn't working. You know that lovely brake scrap sound. You should have seen the pad/shoe residue in the drum. Yikes! It was scary! I cried like a baby for my baby was in such pain

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If your brakes are in this bad of a state of disrepair. you really should invest a little cash into 2 new calipers and new rotors. . .
the pulsating or shaking tha t Laura pointed out is a result of warped rotors. . . . . .your problem seems to be either you did not compress your caliper piston enough or that your caliper is froxen..... yeah you can fix it to move agian. . . . but hey this is your cars only way of stopping properly. . .. .. do it right. . . . . if it is frozen get a caliper or better yet 2 the other one is probably not too far behind. . .
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