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I've noticed that the brakes on my 89 are a little questionable lately. Maybe its just sinc eits been getting warmer, but if I'm sitting on a hilla t a light, the brake pedal will slowly go down further and further, makeing me pump it up again, and again.
Now I'm going to swap the mc booster and all calipers form my 91si when i get the chance, but I'm wondering if this sounds like a possible problem in the lines or prop valve instead.
Let me know what you think.
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sounds like you have a bad master cylinder to me. Mine use to do the same thing, just a slow loss of pressure. It was actually leaking inside the booster where i couldnt see it. Replaced and all has been good.
Yep. Typical symptoms of a MC on it's way out. A rebuilt cylinder can generally be found for under $50, or a rebuild kit for around $35. New cylinders go for anywhere from $60 to $130. Or you can just swap in your Si cylinder like you were saying.
Agreed. a bad master cylinder..... Or check all 4 corners and inside under the carpet on the left side for a leaky line.... does the brake light come on when the petal reached the floor??? if its not there yet it will be.... . . get that fixed.. . . .

Usually when a booster blows.. . . It will suck fluid into it and pull it in through its vac hose making the car smoke..... sounds like master slander to me..... there are some bolt on upgrade owm options for that too... . but i am not sure what they are ( integra, accord etc.... ) that has a larger bore but is suposed to bolt right up... . . If you have to buy one anyway.. . . it is prob not any more for one for an accord or a teg then it would be for a crx... . .. go for the good stuff.. . . .

or just cut holes in the floor.. . . and say good buy to those fancy rich people hydraulic brakes and stop it flintstone style. . . . .

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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