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Ok so my brights don't work?
THe bulbs I checked yesturday and they are shot but would that stop the icon from comming on in the dash?
Just wondering if there was a short of the dash gauges are going out?
Another is what is everyone's opinion on what are the best bulbs to put in?
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Get true HIDs. You wont regret the cost after you see them in action.
cool blues from crappy tire
you can also do the high beam conversion for a little more brightness

i dont really suggest the HID convserion as our headlight asm's are not made for it

but to each thier own
So the bulbs are burned out or not?

The 9005 conversion is the best bang for buck in lighting mods
i have no fuse for my right bright light and that causes the lil indicator light to not that could be it. your bulbs are just burnt or a fuse
grouch said:
The 9005 conversion is the best bang for buck in lighting mods
I second that. An awesome cheap mod, and if you do it when your low beams are already burnt out, its a free upgrade.
9005 "conversion" ??
don't our bulbs come with 9005's and 9006's stock?
It means modding the clips so you can use 9005 in both, since the 9006 low beams suck.
oh cool, anything special on how to do that? or just cut them up yourself and try it out?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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