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Built Mini Me VS Built A6

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What nicly built engine would you want more?
D16A6/Y8 Mini Me or D16A6/Z6 Mini Me1266.67%
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Im just curious as to what people on the CRX Community would rather want. Its not really what is better or what can out perform the other. Its just out of plain curiosity from me.

Would you want an extremly nice *built D16A6 or a D16A6/Y8 (or D16A6/Z6)?

*by built I mean modified.
Built A6 for me!
Built and blown A6!
I voted for a D16A6 with a Y8 head. But that is just because that is the route I am taking...but doubt it is the best way to go...

I like compression and vtec....
crxfisher said:
Built and blown A6!
wait I change my vote...
lol ok NOW here comes the 'controversy' :lol: :

Explain why you chose it! If there is no explanation as to why you did, its completly fine.
I picked the mini-me because thats what I run.
Its boosted and I love the extra rev's that the VTEC allows me.
I voted for the Mini Me setup cause that is what I have in the making... Maybe someday I'll have the resources to boost it... :sigh:
Built A6, live right next to the "cop shop" and cannot afford beauceau tickets for noise violations and high revving fun like that there. Would like to try driving one of those hybrids someday (B or D).
The A6 is pure! Anyway, wouldn't a built A6 allow for turbo down the road, with lower compression? I don't know about the Z6, but the Y8 gives higher CR.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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