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Bumper lights

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Would the turn signal bumper lights from an 88-89 CRX fit into the bumper of my '90?

Sorry if this question sounds tupid, but ive FINALLY found some black bumper lights to match my black projectors/corner lights and the ebay link claims they fit an 88-89.

If you think black projectors are dumb, i dont care, i like how it looks :)
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they will fit but they're not as wide.

The red CRX in this picture has the Wings West RS kit, which has bumper light cutouts designed for the 90-91 lights. But the owner has installed clear bumper lights intended for 88-89s, and you can see the gaps left on either side.

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The gaps are ugly =\
Devin said:
The gaps are ugly =\
My bumper has those gaps. I guess the guy who installed the wings west replica bumper didn't want to buy new turn signals.
thanks for the pics and info, jfrolang. i think i will wait until a 90-91 black bumper light is made. id like to avoid a gap if i can.
black/smoke lens or black housing?
either way, just get some 90-91 cheapo ebay clear bumper signals and hook it up with the Krylon. 8)

on the subject of bumper lights, do you know about this mod?

The bumper lights are on with the parking lights, but not as bright as they would normally be. The function of the turn signals are the same as stock, and normal brightness, regardless of parking lights being on or not.

If you're interested I'll spill the details.
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that kinda makes it look like fog lights, pretty cool.

hows it done?

black/smoke lens or black housing?
either way, just get some 90-91 cheapo ebay clear bumper signals and hook it up with the Krylon.
the black bumper lights i want ARE the cheap-o ebays. but if i can get away with not painting them, that would be even better. the ones im looking at have a black housing. i havent checked to see if they have developped some for my year yet or not. i will do that after submitting this post!
Ok, there was a version of the running bumper lights mod on the resource a few years back, but after trying it out, I didn't like it. The reasons are as such:

The brightness was high, they did not look good at night. Simply too bright. The second reason being that it relied on the turn signal circuitry to flash the light in two different modes, with the lights already on, and with them off. Not reliable or easy to figure out the wiring.

That led me to design my setup, which nobody else has ever used or thought of, as far as I know. I quickly found though, that with the stock single bulb setup there, I could not easily eliminate those two problems.

My final method is much simpler and more reliable, as it does not change the turn signal relay circuit, and keeps the running light completely separate from that circuit. 8)

My first plan was to add a second bulb into the housing for a running light, maybe a 194. But then I thought about the dual-brightness of the brake lights, and decided to use a dual-filament bulb in the stock location. In this case, I decided on an amber 1157 bulb.

So here's how it's done:

1. Go to Autozone (or any FLAPS) and purchase a pair of universal 1157 sockets and a pair of bulbs.

2. Run only one wire per side. Splice one end into the front bulb of the corner light's positive wire, and the other end to the 'dim side' of the 1157 socket. Remember to solder all connections! (You'll need to experiment to see which side is bright and which is dim. You do that by putting a bulb in the socket and connecting the ground, then run that corner light wire and turn on the parking lights. Then touch the wire to either side of the socket and see which side is brighter.)

3. Cut the stock bumper light socket off and strip the wires. Solder the stock turn signal's 12v positive wire to the bright side of the 1157 socket. Solder the stock ground wire to the 1157 socket's ground.

4. Use silicone or some kind of sealant to hold the universal 1157 socket into the bumper light housing, as it will not 'quick-lock' like the stock bulb socket.

5. Test it out and make sure everything works like it's supposed to.
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thanks man! i think ill try that out when Vancouver stops dumping rain on my head. sucks working when youre wet... especially if youre working on electrical stuff.
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