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Baker said:
bvans said:
EVERY bushing was toast. Undercoat was practically gone. Ball joints done. tie rods done. Bummed I paid so much for the car, but life goes on.
I wouldn't complain, those are wear parts, at least the body wasn't rotten and full of holes!

Great looking car, great pics!
Thank you. I'll update the parts list and photos soon, a lot has changed

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Curious how you like the staggered wheel setup, and if you had done that previously? I'm not aware of anybody doing that although I could be behind the times. How is fitment up front with 8" width?

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bambbrose said:
Curious how you like the staggered wheel setup, and if you had done that previously? I'm not aware of anybody doing that although I could be behind the times. How is fitment up front with 8" width?
It worked totally fine. I'm no longer staggered, on a square 15x8 gramlight setup. 15x8 works fine up front, its the back where I had to do some grinding and add a spacer.

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Saw holes in the shift boot... Ended up hearing a noise in the blower motor when driving one day...

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See the mice? okay. So I removed the dash and blower motor components. realized how poorly done and unsafe the alarm wiring was. so i pulled all of that. removed all unused cabin harness wires. replaced the blower motor and installed an ac delete duct.

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Back together, running and driving. Only took about THREE MONTHS. sigh.

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Going to start organizing this build thread.
I sold my first CRX and project RSX back in March. I bought another CRX and have gone all out.
Been wanting to build a true CRX project since I was a kid... So, here it is so far.

Any parts that are listed but not pictured I own but haven't installed yet. Going to reserve a couple posts so I can post the vehicle's history on page 1.

The car is currently not running yet. I need to finish wiring and put in the wireworx harness. Ignore hideous eBay headlights and corner lights. They came on the car when I bought it. Haven't had my SiR front end painted yet.

1989 Rio Red Honda CRX DX

Engine -

  • P8R B20B
  • '94 Integra LS Intake Manifold & TB w/ Thermal Gaskets
  • PLM Big Tube Header
  • Wire-Worx Stage 1 OBD1 Harness
  • Hondata S300 v3
  • Rosko Racing H22 Euro-R Manifold RDX Injector Adapters
  • OEM Honda RDX Injectors
  • AEM Fuel Rail w/ AEM FPR
  • Chase Bays Fuel Return Line
  • Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump
  • GM Flex Fuel Sensor
  • K-Tuned RDX B Series Injector Top Hats
  • Innovative Billet 85A Motor Mounts
  • Injen CAI
  • Tanabe Medalion Touring Catback w/ Badlanz HPE Electric Cutout
  • EFparts Polished Ignition Cover

Transmission -

  • Hydro '94 Integra LS Trans
  • Gear-X 4.9 Final Drive
  • GSR Fifth Gear
  • Hasport Cable to Hydro Actuator
  • Hasport Shift Linkage w/ Energy Susp. Shifter Bushings
  • K-Tuned V2 Billet Shifter

Suspension -
  • Koni Yellows w/ Ground Control Sleeves
  • 550 Spring Rate Eibach Springs F&R
  • Ground Control "Race" Spherical Top Hats
  • Suspension Techniques 22mm Rear Sway Bar w/ ASR Spherical Endlinks & Energy Susp. Bushings
  • Stock Si/DX 18mm Front Sway Bar w/ Energy Susp. Endlinks & Bushings
  • Hardrace Front & Rear Camber Kits
  • Hardrace Front & Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Hardrace Trailing Arm Bushings
  • K-Tuned Traction Bar
  • 949 Racing 6UL Beryllium 15x8 + 36 Front/15x7 +36 Rear
  • OEM Refurb. 7/8" Civic Brake Master Cylinder
  • Wilwood Dynapro 4 Piston Front BBK
  • Scarebird Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Plate
  • OEM Refurb. '94 Integra Rear Calipers
  • Braided SS Brake Lines
  • OEM '91 Si E-Brake Cables
  • ARP Exended Lug Studs
  • Moteki Titanium Lug Nuts
  • DC Rear Tie Bar

Interior -

  • PCI Seat Rail
  • RaceTech RT4009W Seat
  • AutoPower Bolt-In Roll Bar
  • Schroth Racing 6 Point Harness
  • Gregparts 3 Gauge Pod
  • Autometer Phantom Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Autometer Water Temperature Gauge
  • AEM UEGO A/F Gauge
  • MOMO Monte Carlo Steering Wheel
  • NGK Short Hub & Quick Release
  • OEM CRX Floor Mats
  • EDM Door Panels

Exterior -

  • OEM JDM SiR Front End
  • J's Racing Rep Front Lip
  • ViS Carbon Fiber EF8 Hood
  • Aerocatch Locking Hood Pins
  • '91 CRX Tail Lights & EDM Center Garnish w/ Foglight
  • OEM Mud Flaps
  • OEM Antenna Delete
  • OEM Rear Wiper Delete
  • OEM EDM 16V Spoiler
  • Rep Window Visors

Do you still have the stock front bumper?
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