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yeah, no debate here.

you dont get a camber kit to correct tire wear. thats not the problem.

its toe. fix toe with an alignment and you can run whatever camber you want.

get a camber kit to adjust camber for performance reasons. racers get camber kits to get MORE negative camber. but realize that whenever you adjust camber, you change toe. which needs another alignment to correct...

suspension is DESIGNED to have a change in camber, to the negative when loaded. with stiffer springs, its loaded travel is less and will get less of a camber change. so thats why you need to start off with more camber. better yet, just leave it where it is at your final drop height and forget the camber kit.

for those of you who SWEAR by getting a camber kit, think of this. the FACT is that when changing camber positive, it brings the toe closer back to spec, or straighter. thats why you see better tire wear results. but its not the camber change thats solved it, its the toe change. your end result now with getting rid of negative camber may be less tire wear because of the toe change, but now you got less grip in the turns.

the only reason youd want straight up camber is for straight line grip, like drag racing. thats it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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