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camo paint ????

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what do you guys think of it ??? like on a honda ?? i seen a few hondas done and i like it ,but if i did it id want it cleared allso
this kid on RPR was going to do it but backed out and i think it would look sick on my car with my cowl hood and what not hehe :lol: i have the spray guns allready too so all id have to do is buy the paint and mask it off
here are some pics

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Someone should dig through old N pics, I think CRXBart drove his CRX or hatch to Niagara when it was camo...
i think its lame. and as ugly as a car left primered. but im not going to stop anyone else doing it to their car just like i wouldnt care if i saw a pink crx other than :rolleyes1:
phatboycrxhf said:
id do mine more like this sexy huh
That does look better than the other.

There used to be a karmon gia in this area done camo, and I used to see a mach one on 40 between nashville and parts east, always thought they looked pretty good.

I think it's harder to do well than you might think--there are a lot of trucks that are done this way with big patches and the colors/patterns aren't quite right.

FWIW, I wouldn't clear coat it, I don't think that would look very good.
camo is applied with flat paints for a reason, you don't want something glossy to attract attention. :wink:
come on guys ill use a flat clear hehe i dont want a show car camo just comando style ,since i have a mad max crx lol i was checking out the diffrent kinds and i allso like the black and grey camo or if this doesnt work out how about just a camo green ??? that looks sick too and would be alot easier ,and i wouldent have to start of with the dark patches of black and tan ,and then mask it of and spray the car with the green not knowing if it will turn out how id like it too ,i dont know ill think it over hehe

but im not afraid to try anything so you never know what ill do :wink:
jfrolang said:
camo is applied with flat paints for a reason, you don't want something glossy to attract attention. :wink:
Hmmm, I think that doesn't hold with cars--if you want a car to blend in, you need 1-4 year old clear coat with a good coating of dust, couple of door dings, some spots of tar, and a coating of flat dead bugs on the windshield and front bumper, plus a bumper sticker or two from old presidential campaigns or bake sales versus WMD. A car like that, nobody notices, but a camo crx--folks'll notice that, whether they like it or not.....
i like it on a EK hatch!!

but.. on a crx 2nd gen.. i don't know. i never seen one! :(

btw , i dont like the " camo porsche " hehe :(
See, if I were to do a camo project, I would go with something different. Everybody that has done it is doing the green, or the white camo scheme. Why don't you try the yellow, or red, or even the blue camo. Do one of the specialty camo schemes. THAT would stand out in a crowd cause soooooooo many people are doing camo. lol

You better put up pics when you're done!
its as unique as a pink car... :rolleyes1:
tyson said:
its as unique as a pink car... :rolleyes1:
HARSH! :lol:
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