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my frieind is doing a z6 swap. and he's going OBD-1. so can he use a y8 dizzy?(i thought the y8's were OBD-2. but i can't remember for sure!!)

also, i remember vividly that people have used an a6 dizzy. that hey just modified it to work on there z6. so how can he use an a6 dizzy on his z6 then?

any other info you have on this swap would be great as well. i do have a few write-ups. but they kinda say diffirent things then each other!!


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ok here goes....

IF you run the Z6 OBD-0 then you can use the a6 dizzy(unless what I've learned was wrong),BUT you have to slot one of the mounting legs of the dizzy's housing to line up with the head.(Whew what a run-on sentence that was!) :lol:
Now I'm fairly sure that the Y8 dizzy wont work with a OBD-1 setup.I do believe the plugs are different,BUT I'm sure someone has devised a way to backdate the dizzy(beyond what I've learned so far)
If I'm wrong I know someone will most assuredly point this out. :lol:
Hope that helps.
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