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well guys i have some bad news that a few people already know about, i am no longer going to have a rex in a couple of weeks, i got to thinking about me recently being a father and i really have no use for a crx 2 seater at my current state, if i had a garage and a better paying job i could keep it, but i was offered a deal i can't pass up, so i am trading the crx straight up for a 93 cavalier vl 5spd comes with the z24 exterior mods........

now b4 you get pissed or say i am dumb just know that it really does hurt me to let it go i love my honda to death, but i need to grow up for the time being and be a responsible father, with everyones permision i would love to be apart of the community and still be apart of the featured crx team, i will be getting another one soon enough i can't go that long with out a 2 seater pocket rocket comeone now lol

lemme know what your decisions are
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Like I told you last night... do what you must. Being a good dad is more important than having a pimp ass car (lol).

I'm in the same boat almost... need to sell mine as well.
god why do you have to say that to me now, you know i want an sir bad............cough...asshole....cough
Being a parent is the most important job of your life, dont let anything stand in the way of that. You can always pick up another car, but your kids are only here one time.
JDM back seat...
Stay around man, I talked to you earlier... I don't see why anyone would want you to leave.
That's it, you're outta here. :x

Ok, now seriously... Your kids are more important. Do what you gotta do. It's just a car. It won't be long before you can get another one and make it all work out. And you'll get a better, faster one, with no rust. :D

And yeah, feel free to stick around. Owning a CRX isn't a requirement for this board. The moderator of the detailing forum has never owned one...yet. :shock:
crxfisher said:
That's it, you're outta here. :x
:shock: :? :cry: :p

Ok, now seriously... Your kids are more important. Do what you gotta do. It's just a car. It won't be long before you can get another one and make it all work out
ya i will get one agian, like i was talking to jeff about, its gunna be an sir, so ya it will have a backseat i just can't afford a 10 thoughsand dollar car right now

And you'll get a better, faster one, with no rust.
come one don't rip on gertrude that bad lol, ya she could be better, and ya she was slow as hell, but she didn't have that much rust ha
thats why I'm starting to look for a quad-cab mini-truck now, so when the kids do come along, I'll have a safe place to toss them, lol.

I was gonna say "ban" but Tom already ok'd it :p
Sorry. I can't sympathize. I am a father of two and have TWO CRXs. CRX for a Cavalier?! Jeez. That's just wrong.
EF hatch, or EF four door. 'Nuff said. Slam it, throw some 15s on it. Call it a day.
wow people are so hate filled about cavalier lol

your suggestions would be nice in a perfect world, but when your rent is 420 a month and you only bring home 300 every 2 weeks, you really can't choose what you drive, i used to be able to but then we got in over our heads and lost alot of ****, messed my credit up before i was even 20, so if you can sympathize with that also then go ahead

plus i started out with a sweet ass 94 cavalier that i loved to death, the cavalier and the crx are tied in first place as my favorties
keepin the rex i just can't get rid of gertrude
I knew deep down inside you'd see the light! :D

If only I could see it too :cry:
JDM back seat time?
Glad one has been saved. DON'T DO IT JEFF!
Hurrah!! Good choice. :)
haha ya prolly rear seat conversion time, now will anyone lemme borrow 500 bucks? :p
Ah keep it no matter what. I had mine and got married everyone said well now your married she will make you get rid of it.....well its still here it was here before her and its staying no matter what. Then last year my son was born everyone said its definately gone now well...nope its still here also in fact just to keep her off my back I bought her a 99 TA to shut her up! :lol: Really though I could have sold the thing a million times to a bunch of kids in town but it would kill me to see it driving down the road with a set of altezzas and 19" rimz, just save up and buy a 4dr we have a 03 Corolla S as our baby mover. Trust me 4drs is a must.
Robyn yelled at me last year when I talked of selling the rex to help out with some bills... she said she wouldn't be able to handle my depression, dementia, and probable insanity which would surely ensue
You don't need $500 for a back seat? All you need is your stock USDM cargo tray, about $300, and a friend like me!!! 8) 8) I've got a guy in Scotland that will send me the back seat with all the trimmins for AROUND $300 and my USDM cargo tray.
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