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d1nonlyjv43 said:
Also will a motor from a 87 Honda Civic work in this car?
No, '87 is a year too old. They changed the transmission bolt pattern and engine mounts in '88. Any D-series (single-cam Civic, CRX or DelSol) motor, '88-00 (not including the '88-89 Integra motor) should bolt in with a little tweaking.
If you want a streight bolt-in replacement for the engine block and head, look at the CRX DX, '88-95 Civic LX, DX and '93-95 DelSol S.
The '88-91 engines should be identical to your current one. The only possible difference is getting an automatic versus manual version. Automatics have a slightly different wiring harness and a different throttle pulley and bracket for the cable to the transmission. If you get the wrong one for your car, just swap over your throttle body and wiring harness.
The '92-95 (D15B7) engine has a different wiring harness and an MPFI intake manifold. You can just swap on your current DPFI manifold and harness... You'll probably need a new gasket. They also moved the radiator fan temperature switch from the back of the block by the oil filter to the thermostat housing. You would need to extend the wires about a foot and replace the connector.
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