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d1nonlyjv43 said:
91 CRX Base Model , My car is smoking and I was trying to figure out why it is. I checked my spark plugs today and when i got to the third one the plug wire dripped with oil when I took it out. Can someone tell me if I change the o- ring seals on the valve cover would that keep the oil from going into the hole. Vice Versa would it keep my car from smoking? Someone please help........
No, what it will do is prevent your spark plug hole from filling with oil which way cause lose of spark, and even leave you stranded (common issue with our aging engines). Smoke comes from 3 things in a combustion engine.

The easiest to fix, is gas. Too much cause will cause black smoke to come from the engine. You usually fix it by replacing the spark plugs or the fuel filter if either are worn.

The second is oil, which causes a blue smoke, this comes thru valve steam seals or the pistons oil rings, not the piston rings as some are for compression. Both of these require a rebuild of each end. Valve stem seals require you to rebuild the top end for security, and the rings require you to rebuild the bottom end.

The third is coolant, which causes white smoke. This usually means your head gasket is blown and the water can pass thru the gasket and into the combustion chamber so it can be burned up. An easy fix. Worst case scenario is a cracked sleeve which means the block needs to go to the garbage (not worth resleeving a 100$ engine).
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