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Central Canada MEET!

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Import meet in Gimli Manitoba this year. I'm interested. Thinking End of august. Let me know ASAP. I called gimlie raceway and they approve . let me know.
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End of august then
and 23 June is BC Meet 10.
OBD1 Kenobi said:
and 23 June is BC Meet 10.
... And Im stoked for it! :D
any alberta meets!?!?! LOL I gotta take a road trip to manitoba in the august month! hey how do you get to manitoba from edmonton :lol:
I will continue my search in the winnipeg area for interest. The Goal for this year is to bring out 150 CRX's, and bring 1000 people to the meet.

Get your friends prep for a good time.
i def think there should be a meet in alberta, im in edmonton and there is ALOT of people with crx's. anybody interested??????
im in BC but always wanted to go to edmonton or calgary, so I might drive there If I knew there would be alot of people attending
Let's meet in the middle and call it a day! Lol I'm sure a Saskatchewan meet might net 2 maybe 3 people (and that might be a little over optimistic - I think we only have one other member in Saskatchewan)..

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well apparently 780tuners has a meet every friday at united cycle on gateway, but thats a one night deal. not worth the drive... :( nice cars tho.
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