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Change of plans!!

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welp i just talked to the guy that i am trading my rims to for the d16a6 and the oem cf hood its turns out his is going down to atlanta to pickup and rhd sir....basterd lol... well i was origanally suposed to meet up with him on the 25th for the swap out but he is going right by me (30 miles south) when he goes to pick up the car so he is just going to come over and swat them sumguns on the 16th............ of march, so now i have to wait another month to get my stuff, which is actually pretty nice b/c i can find a z6 head for it in the mean time, cuaz i know if i got it i would want to put it in immediatly

which bring me to a ? at a shp here in town there is an 88-90 ish red crx si with a blown motor, mint interior mint exterior but no title (owner left it like a tard and ran away) i am talking to the guy who owns the place(FOR ABOUT 4 YEARS NOW TRYING TO GET THIS THING) and he told me to call back in about an hour and he will have a decicsio0n, does anyone need perfect black interior or andthing else

trans is mine
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