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Change Rear Windsheild Nozzle?

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anyway to chnge it or something my stock one is screwed. I need a new one but idk if i need a stock one or will others work. also where do i get the stock one/ other one that fits. ty for the help in advance.
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I'm guessing you've got to pull the headliner off, or maybe just the trim piece a the back of the headliner where the dome light is mounted. You can probably access the back of the washer nozzle form there. THis is merely speculation, but thats where I'd look first.
pull the dome light out, and remove the plastic strip behind the headliner. There is a clip holding the hose to the nozzle, then just wiggle it out on the top side.
you hsould get one of the light up ones, thatd be hot. you could even wire it into your dome light!


yeah if you pull tha tpanel off youll see how it lcips in. just buy a new one.

how is yours screwed? it may just be clogged. i was able to clean mine with some hot water and dawn. got it sparying like new

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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