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Ok, call me lazy since I know we went over this but searching pulls up 24 pages of irelevant links...

Do Civic hatch doors fit a CRX? If they don't, are they just too long, or a different shape?

I need to know how they line up with the CRX fender and quarter for my project outlined here.

I guess I never revealed my latest plans... I am omitting the lower valance/trim panels that go along the doors and rockers. One reason is that the plastic is textured, and I am losing that texture on the rear bumper do to the work of joining the two parts of the bumper. The front needs to be sanded smooth to remove some deep scratches. Without the line going around the entire car, it will look weird having the black trim on the sides. I thought about painting it, but that will still leave the line along the doors. This lead me to start to think about removing the trim, and using civic rockers to avoid doing the work in 'glass. Another benefit of the civic rockers, there will be no plastic to trap dirt, water, and grime and cause premature rusting. Also, I can get Civic hatch rockers for $33 a side, as opposed to CRX rockers for 90. Obviously they will need to be shortened behind the door, but I'm not sure about the length of the door.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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