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Civic CX O2 sensor

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I remember someone telling me that if there's a VX O2 sensor at a yard, grab it because it's somehow special and useful. There's no VX, but there is a CX, with what looks like a 4 wire O2 sensor on it. Should I get that today? How much should I pay for it, and what size socket will I need to get it out?
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Four-wire O2 sensors are just regular lambda (switching) oxygen sensors like the one-wire sensors found in stock CRXs. Four-wire sensors simply have a heating element to bring the sensor up to temperature faster and a separate ground wire for the sensor element.
The Civic VX (and the later HX I think?) uses a 5-wire linear (wide band) O2 sensor to support the engine's lean-burn operating mode. Wide band oxygen sensors require a special controller to get any meaningful information out of them, so you either need the one built into VX or HX ECUs (and thus the engine associated with them), or an aftermarket sensor controller (generally not cheap).
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