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Civic type r has an uncanny resembalence...

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I especially like how they placed the wing to separate that lower part of the back windshield from the upper portion. This is not a bad start toward newer styles of the civic line and is only heading more and more in the direction of something... which i am hesitant to say due to previous remarks on this forum :? anyway, check it out.
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deffinately looks like a civic si hatch if that what your getting at... i think its just the placement of the wing in the back that is giving the kinda of crx feel to the back but in general the lines are too bulky and the back does not come down swift enough for it to be crx like
sigh... not this again.
The concept has been out for 3 years. The car is actually on the road for a while now. we need a new thread every time whan you could have posted this in an old one?
:lol: ill have a photoshop for you next time
...hey at least they got the color right! :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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