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We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience while using The CRX Community Classifieds. Please read the following rules for the forum before posting.

1. All topic titles must be a brief description of the items contained in the post. General or vague titles such as "FS: Lots of parts" or "FS: Garage sale" are not permitted. (It is already implied by the forum name that there will be parts for sale in the Parts For Sale forum.) However, a summary of the parts contained within such as "FS: D16A6 engine parts" or "FS: 1st Gen suspension parts" will be acceptable.

2. Anyone wishing to sell items in the classifieds must either state the location of the items in their post, or have their location filled out in their user profile.

3. The classifieds are for CRX parts and vehicles only. The only exceptions to this rule are for parts from other models that are compatible with the CRX chassis. (i.e, installing Ex knuckles on a CRX).

4. You may not advertise the auction or the classified listings of your items from other seller's sites, including eBay. It is encouraged that sellers link large quantities of pictures off-site rather than post them inline in a thread, and to state that the items are being offered elsewhere if that's the case.

5. Items offered for sale or trade must have prices posted. Items offered for trade only do not require prices. "Interest check" and "price check" threads will not be tolerated for common items for which prices may be easily obtained.

6. "Or Best Offer" options ("OBO") may not be used to sell an item at a price higher than originally asked for. For example, "$50 OBO" means that you may accept less than $50, but you will sell the item to the first person to offer $50. Lower offers may be refused at the discretion of the seller.

7. Sellers should make every effort to avoid excessive thread posting. There is no need to post two or three threads per week as additional things appear that you wish to sell. Plan your sales, and show your fellow traders respect by not crowding their threads off the front page. Moderators reserve the right to require consolidation of threads or other action when appropriate.

8. Bumping of topics is limited to once every 7 days of inactivity, and don't disrupt or interrupt someone else's ad (aka "hijacking"). If you are not genuinely interested in the item listed, do not post. Serious inquiries only. Bumps from members at large are not permitted. For example "wish I had the cash, GLWS" is not allowed.

9. In the absence of other agreements between seller and buyer, sellers are expected to provide reasonable tracking and insurance coverage of shipments appropriate for the value of the sale. It is the responsibility of the seller to undertake all investigations of lost shipments and the replacement of value lost by the buyer in such cases. Insuring any shipment with a value over $20 is strongly recommended.

10. Classifieds are for personal ads only. No business sales or continuous profit sales, we have a separate forum for approved vendors, contact an admin to be approved. No sales on behalf of a 3rd party. (i.e, No selling on behalf of your friend's cousin. We want sellers and buyers to be interacting directly with each other.)

**The moderators may modify or delete posts at their discretion if they do not fall within the guidelines set out above.**
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