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Previously my CRX was a CSP car, now I've got a swapped motor. I'm wondering if anyone knows where my car will class for SCCA events, and if I will need to run slicks (probably will) to be competitive. So here's what I have done beyond stock:

Tokico Illuminas
Ground Control Coilovers
A6/Y8 mini-me with A1 pistons
OBD1 conversion, soon to be chipped P28
ACT HDSS clutch/pressure plate
ACT Streetlite 12lb flywheel
removed dynamat sound deadening
AEM cold air intake
Z6 manifold
DC 4-2-1 header
Prelude 15/16" master cylinder
battery relocated to cargo container
"speed holes" in quarter panels and rockers :wink:

I know I can look it up, but the SCCA rule book is so cumbersome! Before I did the swap, everything fit in CSP I'm pretty sure. Also what else should I do for whatever class I would be in (ie remove the rear interior or something).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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