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Devin said:
wow. wish the cop that pulled me over was that nice. this probably isnt going to sit well with the few uptight people on here btw.
If wanting to discourage lawless punk behaviour talk, especially the boy-racer kind, makes me uptight -- then sign me up for your uptight list.

I wouldn't classify what savestheday21 did as that, however. He did something dumb, realizes it. Nobody's uptight, someone's appropriately feeling lucky and respectful.

Not all of us are as impressionable to the sort of movies, music and videos that glorify lawlessness. But hey, it sells. Dumb kids will keep forking over their allowances and playing gangsta or [insert whatever lifestyle image is hot at the moment] for a while before they decide to craft their own personalities, not try and live out a music video like its a prescription for living. Thankfully, most of them are either too smart or lack the balls to walk the talk. Too many of them have car keys, unfortunately.

For the ones that natural urban selection doesn't weed out, they eventually get real jobs and put cash down on nice things like a nice car or a house and then start appreciating the services that that help keep their property from being damaged and their loved ones from getting hurt.

But, like nasty parents that buy you things and help you out with your first car, it can be such a drag, right?
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