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Shadow are you installing "assembled units" or do you have to piece together the CO's?
I ask that because you will need a spring compressor if you CO's are not already assembled.
Installation of strut asy's are pretty straightforward.

1:jack the frt of the crx up and add some jack stands.please do not get under a car w/out doing this!
2:remove the lower strut fork bolt(the one thats attached to the LCA).
3:remove the upper fork bolt.Pull the fork down and let it rest on the halfshaft.
4:remove the (2) 8.8mm bolts that secure the brake line from the strut body.
5:remove the (2) upper strut nuts located on the strut tower
6:Remove the strut asy from the vehicle


1:jack the rear of the car up and use jackstands again.
2:remove the 12mm lower strut bolt.(Please read-This bolt may be rusted and could consume the most time removing)

If the 12mm lower strut bolt is siezed into the sleeve you WILL have to either cut the bolt off or heat the sleeve up w/a torch.Either way the bushing will probably get ruined.Nows a good time to put that ES bushing in.;)Pray that your bolt is not siezed in there.

3:remove the inner LCA bolt and just loosen the outer.
4:swing the LCA down
5:remove the (2) upper strut nuts
6:remove the strut from the CRX.

GL amigo.

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shadowcrx said:
they are just the spring and spindle
Then follow the directions for strut assembly that came with the spring/perches.
You WILL need a spring compressor then.
Don't risk injury by shortcutting.(I know this first hand)
Did your CO kit come with mounting instructions?Its actually not that hard to figure out.
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