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:lol: Bwah ha ha haaaa haaaaaaaa! I think i'd scrap my Nissan, and do a CRX instead for THAT deal... lol.

I'm up for discounts though to Community members though (although, maybe not 50% off a K20.. hehe)

A couple of suggestions though.... it'll need a very detailed moderator, and someone who has the time to put forth with it. This is more about quality than quantity, and posts have to be kept up with. Bumping needs to be extremely limited.

Also, i'd say that any company wishing to make a post must be first cleared by you. It cannot just be an open free-for-all...

One way to do it (and this happens to be my personal favorite) is make it so that each company has its own sub-forum, and can list all the sales and stuff they want within their own forum. That way they won't feel bumped out by other companies. Also, they can use that as sort of a 'customer support/special request' area. This would also keep things tidy. By the way, you can help that tidyness by allowing each store to be a moderator of only their forum... this can also take a lot of load off of the commercial moderator if you allow the companies to wipe their own messes ;)

By the way, you can easily charge for the forum use... if the advertiser does not pay for 30 days, then the forum is locked... 60 days, and it dissapears. I know that you're not out to make money with the site, but don't look at it like that... put the money into a pool, and maybe use it to pay for neat trinkets for the CRX Community members... like mugs, or shirts... that way, if the amount of money you have is just shy of what it'll cost to buy the shirts, then the members just pay a LOT less for the shirt... if it exceeds it, then themembers get free shirts... or something... lol
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