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A buddy of mine showed me how to do this years ago but I forgot how. I want to save a cd for a program on my hard drive so I don't have to put the cd in every time I use the program. I've got a couple of Honda work manuals on cd and a Honda parts manual and I keep forgeting where I put the disk.
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search goodle for " cd rom emulator "
there is a good program that will do this that i scalled Daemon tools.... it basically just emulates a cd or dvd drive.. . .

works really well
i know what you're talking about. there's a way to do it using only windows itself. it creates what i guess you could call a 'virtual drive' of the CD/DVD that always shows up on your My Computer menu. i've forgotten how to do it since too :(
You can create an ISO of the disk, then "mount" it with this Windows Power Toy:

Is that what you're thinking of?
Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but the "subst" command can create a "virtual drive".

For example, you could copy your CD contents to C:\myCD\, and then at the command line, type
subst k: c:myCD

and then you have a "K:" drive that shows up in Explorer.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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