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'Cooking up' the perfect CRX ;)

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So, how DO you 'cook up' a sweeeeeeet CRX?

On a Rotisserie of course!

Check out the following Flash movies!

Nearly 3MB, so dialup users, beware! :)

Click Here To See Animation!

Stay tuned for the beginning of a complete write-up from start to finish on this soon-to-be masterpiece! It is getting completely stripped to the bare metal, and restored from scratch, with a few custom twists! :)
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So how do you fix that bad body roll?
Any rust on that thing? Looks like alot of fun.

fisher: very carefully.. lol By the way, i'm not ignoring you, i'll be on AIM tomorrow in the morning for a bit, or you can always call the shop and interrupt whatever i'm doing.... i'm fine with that ;) . As you can see, i was busy with this all day today :(

James: No rust, just some 'suprises'..... which is why it is getting the name 'Blues Clues'... keep getting a new clue around every corner... haha!
I've seen this post before...
Well yea Tom... don't expect me to have something this cool and not post it on a couple of forums ;) hehe...
John, that is probably WAAAYY cooler in person! :lol:
Yea, its reallly neat.. hehe. You saw part of it in person ;)

But yea, the part when the roof edges come within an inch of the ground when twirling is really fun and breathtaking to see as well... :lol:
Threadjack alert...

I can't get on AIM at the office because of firewall rules out of my control. So I'll be calling you tomorrow. I know when I want to come down there. Just need to see if it works for you. I can't wait!
Sweet! :)

I'll be out of the shop for the latter half of the day, so if you miss me, just have Dale give you my Cell number.... i'm doing some fab work over at another local shop here in town tomorrow 8)
you totally stole my idea! now when i get out of college and actually have money, I'm somehow going to have to out do this...

*shakes fist in the air*
workin on a top gun flight simulator? :lol:

sweet ass thing yo, my autos class was thinkming bout getting one back in high school, gl
that is hella cool.
I remember Pauls 1st gen post about him making a rotisserie for his restoration project. Did you make that unit yourself? I've wanted to make a setup like this for my SE restoration for a very long time. Where would one purchase the components to make one?
1 heavy duty engine stand, 4 big ass bars, for wheels, an f-150 frame, somecustom fab and vwala
Charlie: Wait until you see the rest of the project... haha! You'll have even more to out-do ;)

stickershop: Yea, i rmember talking with Paul a while back while he was building it about how to go about building it... it really came out great though back in the day. As for where to buy, there are a lot of companies that make the rotisseries, and i would DEFINTELY at this point suggest buying rather than building if you don't know what yer doing... Components are easy though... just a bunch of steel if various shapes and sizes, and then the ability to build it from there ;)

shadow: ummm.... juuust a bit more involved than that, but ok. By the way, make sure if you use engine stands, that you either get one that isn't angled to support a motor, or you weld it up angled so that your pivot points are in-line with each other, or else it could bind on you.

As for other info on the build? I happened to start another thread about it :) - Build Thread
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i was joking lol but it might work................ shadowcrx customs
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