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Crazy swap thread

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Again, just googling around found this:

Sick Swaps

F20's into Starlets, EGs, AE86s, ect

C32s into CRXs, EKs..

B16 Minis (yea, everyones seen them, but some cool shots)

Just goes to show, with 10Gs and an engineering degree, it CAN be possible, lol
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With 10 grand and my knowledge I'd stuff a nice K24 into a ferio (2600lbs car). That would be sick.

PS: Some sweet rides in that link.
There are some pretty cool swaps in that thread.

I especially like the Rolls engine in the Rover... mmmm, 27 liters.
very nice find! cooool stuff
those are sweet cars. if someone can cram a northstar v8 into a vw golf, anything is possible. Those motors are freakin huge! They barely fit in a caddy :lol:

Oh, this Celica is freaking HOT!
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Here's one I've seen before (not mentioned on the website above)

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Still very much a work in progress, but a 1st gen MR2 with a northstar V8:

You can follow the progress at The guy is basicly on his second build, the first one being an exersize in what not to do.
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