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CRX Community Stickers

4301 Views 12 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  auTONYmous stickers are now available at the following address:

They are available in 6 colours. White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, or Silver.
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No prob. Glad to help out! :D
Wheres my sticker man?!

jk.Is there any nominal cost that I must cough up?

Oh Yellow is my fav! mmm need...need..need please!
Hey all,

I still have a bunch of stickers (like the one pictured above) for free. They are all white. I give them out in pairs, and when these are gone, you'll have to buy them from Stickershop. Get em while they're still here, free! PM me your address if you're interested.
I'd gladly pay for blue, when they're available
auTONYmous said:
I'd gladly pay for blue, when they're available
Blue ones are available. Check the link in the first post.
Okay. I was thinking you only had white ones ready so far.

*gets out the soapy water and scraper to take that other site's sticker off the back of my car...*
Are you going to N11? If so, I'm sending a big batch of them to crxfisher to distribute at N11 for free. So far I'm planning on sending white, silver, red, and yellow...but I can include some blue ones in there as well if you are going.
Yep, I'll be there!
Ok... I'm sending a significant quantity of white, silver, red, blue, and yellow ones. Talk to crxfisher if you want him to reserve a couple for you. They will be completely free. I am contributing these to try to help out the community, since I am uncertain that whether or not I'll be able to attend N11 in person.
Since we've had quite a few new members in the last couple days, I thought I would bring this up again.

I have 5 pairs of CRX Community decals in white. So the first 5 people to PM me their address can have them for free. Other than that, your options are to buy them directly from "Stickershop" here:

Or wait until N11. :D
just ordered two blue ones...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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