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page (1)- cowl hood for the crx

page (2)- De Madmaxin the crx ,paint guns and trailer work ... &&start=25

page (3)- crx bodywork/prep/sandblasting ... &&start=50

page (4)- rear arches/sheet metal door caps/1/4 caps ... &&start=75

page (5)- rear RSTB fab / continued bodywork ... &start=100

page (6)- rear axle P&P/crx color choice/misc work ... &start=125

page (7)-cleaning for paint/interiot panel dying/crx painting begining/S&S brake lines ... &start=150

page (8)-crx coming together ... &start=175

page (9)-picked up the 90 integra/rust repair has started/shaving ... &start=200

page (10)-ummm 93 prelude paint/crx hatch repair/teg bodywork lol ... &start=225

page (11)-teg rust repair/door handle shaving/some paint (flames) ... &start=250

page(12)-more teg painting/interior cleaning ... &start=275

page (13)-F1 mirror fab/teg prep,rust repair/flip taillight/fuel filler relocation ... &start=300

page (14)-bodywork continuted... blocked primed once again/shaving ... &start=325

page (15)-RSX tail light time ;) ... &start=350

page (16)-RSX tails continued/sneal peak at fiberglass sub box ... &start=375

page (17)-RSX tails continued lol/teg paint/teg finished/ teg tear down/the begining of the 1990 civic DX hatch lol ... &start=400

page (18 )-B18a1 cleaing/civic tear down begins/engine pull/cleaning ... &start=425

page (19)-shaving the bay begins/new goodies/DC sports header clean up ... &start=450

page (20)-LS trans /Exedy stage1 clutch/Fidanza 7.5lb flywheel/Skunk2 intake manifold/ joker hat :p ... &start=475

pafe (21)-new beater/shaved bay allmost there ;)

i saw that a member did a hood on his 2nd gen on here and loved it :)
so i did my own (will be done tomorow for sure)
first i did a one peice hood (know more plastic header panel ) :D

i thought i had a picof it finished ,but i guess not ,you couldent even tell it was done and was painted flate black
you can see i had some reall high and lows here ,so i got the bondo out of there and glassed instead

glassing starts tomorow
and just think if i wanna do a k swap or whatever ,no hood clearence issues lol

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better start up a production run and sell 'em on RPR !! :lol:

looks like you have fun making things on a regular basis. :)b

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haha yeah ive posted pics on there allso ,some of them are calling it the mad max crx :lol: but i think im going to add on a few more inches to the back of the hood before i fiberglass and make it pretty hehe

i love making things ,its so much fun :D if i had it my way id do it for a living ,but around here custom cars are pretty limited

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little hood update i glassed that sucker ;)

tools you will need to fiber glass

1 fiberglass resin and liquid hardener
2 fiberglass cloth or mate
3 rubber gloves (lots of them )
4 paint brushes or spunge brushes
5 heat gun or hair dryer
6 nose plugs lol (optional)
7 roll of plastic ,allso optional but recomended
8 mesuring cup or mixing cups
here is a pic of what i bought for the job
fiberglass resin

short haired bondo glass

fiberglass cloth

heat gun ive had for a while lol


step 1
take your cloth and cut into strips and place clost to where your going to glass ,so you dont mix them up
step 2
take a old pepsi bottle or something plastic to mix in (i like those rubbermade ones that come in 2 ,4, 6 oz messurements on the side )somehting clear or close too
step 3
take the plastic and cover what ever you dont want resin on ,then put your gloves on and and crack that can of resin ;) pour the right amount you wish to mix (for what i did i used 6 oz portions)
step 4
grab your hardener and make a little hole in the top with a finishing nail and put 12 drops for every oz you have in the mixing cup
(not that you can add more if you want ,for a faster cure ,but be carful not to put to much more ,or you risk have the resin set to fast and risk it cracking ) i noticed that 3 more drops is the hot spot for me
step 5
mix that sucker with a popsicle stick (i mix mine until i can feel the heat of the hardener kicking in )
step 6
go over to what your fiberglassing and put alittle resin on the area you wish to glass ,place the cloth onto the resined area (you can layer up to 3 times nefore your going to run into problems with big bubbles ,so for the first tim i recomend 1 or 2 layers at a time )
step 7
take the resin and pour and good amount on the cloth ,take a paint brush and impregnate the cloth with resin in a gentle jabbing motion
and try to get the air bubbles out once youve done this the cloth should be in a translucent state
step 8
take your heatgun or hair dryer and place it about 4 inches from the cloth and heat it up a little (dont over due it you smell burning or your resin is bubbleing thats too much lol)
step 9
sit back and let it set up a bit (20 minutes or so) ,once it gets tacky to the touch repeat

in these pic ill show what i did and the stages i went through and going through

first i glassed the passenger side ,there is only one coat of resin and 2 layers of cloth

then i moved onto the other side

and then the front i did in chunks going from top to bottom

here i added the bottom layer to the front


after the glassing is all dry and i rough sand it down ill throw a thin coat of this stuff
remember not to sand the fiberglass to much !!!bacuase you might go through into the cloth ,thats why you use the shorthaired bondo glass for smoothing ;)just get it sorta level hehe

man i took me over an hour to post this <_< :blink:

well i allso glassed the fender flares ,and got a coat of bondo on it ,but im sick of uploading pics lol ill do it after hehe

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i thought i updated this huh oh well here is a pic of where im at now ive got most of the hood blocked down ,now i just have some squareing and low spots to deal with and it should be done

shes getting there hehe

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jfrolang said:
I think it looks overdone, unless you've got something under there to justify it...

Now you have to do a K20 swap. :twisted:
thats cool ,not everyone is going to like it ,no i dont have anything under the hood to make up for the 3 inches of cowl hehe ,

Krix said:
I am that other member... Now just stick a big honkin motor in it to make use of it. I had an h22 with h2b adapter...I needed the cowl because the valve cover was a few inches higher than the valve cover.
oh i c lol well i liked it it does have a use right now lol i can now clear my fuel pressure guage :p no soon i hope ill finally have the FI harness ive been hunting down for 5 months in my hands and ill do a some sort of swap ,be it a B series d16a1 ,there is no way in hell i could afford a Kseries lol at the moment ,i allmost bought a k24 out of a tsx last month from some dude in calgary ,but he wanted to much in the end and i passed

imgoingforit said:
I hate the shape. I love the one piece.

ouch that was kinda harsh lol thats cool though i found a pic on the net last week of what i want mine to look like when its done


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it will be pretty close ,mine has alittle more of a rounded look up front though ,i wont have an update on this for a bit ,because im in the middle of getting my car running and figureing where the best place to mount my fuel pump and what not for easy access :wink:

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allmost done ,few spots here and there and she is done , i really like how it looks not as big looking now i think all in one color

freakin cool :D and its not heavy at all ,i thought the glass would add some wiehgt ,but not really much at all

any thoughts guys and gals ???

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danielleb said:
Thats awesome! Its not my taste, but it looks kinda cool! You did an awesome job on it! congrats! :D
thank you :) its allmost done , i have to fix by the headlights too since i messed them up some how when i had the hood off the car :cry: i wanna see it with a coat of flat black paint by the end of the week :wink:
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