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(Sorry for the bad english, i try a long text this time =( )

Hey everyone,

Last week, I got my CRX evaluate. A little boy come here and inspects my car and put a price on it after doing some comparison with other CRX on the sales sites.

I will not tell what price tag I got but I will say that I'm happy with it … The only thing is… he only took CRX at low price on the Web … but hey … life is life, I got a good evaluation =)!

Since I got a US car, he also gives me the US market book for old car.

In Canada, a CRX like mine:

1988 CRX DX in really good shape

Is estimate to: 2 225 CDN or 1.952,61 US

Well, in US you got a better way to evaluate car =)

Seen you got 6 classes (I will summarize the description):

1 - Exceptional car (100% restoration … or 100% original! Very rare car)
2 - Very nice car (Good restoration… show car, don't use in winter. )
3 - Good Car (20 footer cars …look good at 20 feet.. Default appear when we are close)
4 - Normal Car
5 - Need some restoration
6 - Car for piece

So my car has been place in the categories number 2,5.

So here the number (in US money):

Look like the 1989 is the more expensive. Funny, the 90 is more expensive than the 91… but the 89 is more expensive than the 88 …

Also, I don't know why the 89 got such a difference with the other year. 3000 more than the 88 and 4000 more than the 90 for the SI …

What do you think of that? and don't shot me, i'm only the messenger =)


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:eek: I like it. Just hope its true.

<89 y49 72,000 miles. Not quite a 1 but better than a 2.

I could make it a 1 with the stock suspension and the stock wheels put back on.

I dont understand why 89's are worth more :? but I wont complain

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Lmao, I love how shadowcrx immediately assumed his car was a category 1. :lol:

Seriously though, the numbers for the 89 definitely appear bloated. 89s are about the least desirable 2nd gens to me, you get none of the advantages of the 88 (rear suspension, pillar seat belts) and none of the advantages of the 90-91s (better looking body, rear discs on Si etc.)

The numbers do look accurate for my 91 dx, certainly much more so than kbb.
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