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CRX SE Restoration - In progress pics. UPDATE Aug 06/2006

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Here's a few pics of the Special Edition restoration project that I am doing in my limited spare time. (Sorry about the size of the pics...any smaller, and it would be hard to see the detail)

Wheel wells before. Notice that the undercoating had a bad reaction with the white paint that was placed overtop of it by the previous owner. Rust was starting to form under the undercoating everywhere. The only solution was to remove everything down to bare metal and start over.

Driver's side wheel well after wire-wheeling and sandblasting down to bare metal and then coating with POR15.

My makeshift sandblasting booth for the front of the car. Dust still gets *everywhere*, but at least the sand and debris stays inside the booth.

Sandblasting the engine bay. The shock tower has already been coated with POR15 when this pic was taken.

Sandblasting and prepping this side of the engine bay. Still need to weld in the new replacement panel.

Passenger's side wheel well with POR15 coating. (a little dusty from the sandblasting in the engine bay)

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Wow... I want my garage to look just like yours when I grow up. Incuding the cars...

Looking good, keep us posted!
Man that's a lot of work. Can't wait to see the final product when it's done. Keep it up Stick!
If this car starts to rust. -Ill give you a new crx- You are putting a lot of work into this and it would be extremly sad if it just started back up.
That's why I'm using the POR15 on the bare metal. I'm putting all this work into cleaning up the mess, so I might as well put an end to any rust problems permanently.
awesome work as always
keep the updates coming.
It's been a long time since I last updated this. As usual, life and finances always find a way of getting in the way of my hobbies. I've had a little free time lately, so I picked up where I left off.

The engine bay has been painted with black POR15. Anywhere you see green paint, it's just Zinc-Chromate primer as a temporary measure. I did not apply POR15 over the VIN area of the firewall because POR15 is too thick and it would fill in the VIN stamping. Anywhere you see silver in the pics is Weld-Thru primer. Those areas need some welding to patch holes. The new corner panel is clamped and ready to plug-weld in place. The only thing I need now is a light-duty MIG welder so I can get moving on the project. After welding and grinding, the areas will be wire-wheeled clean and then POR15 will be applied. I have been wet sanding the POR15 to level out some of the paint defects. The dirt and dust on the black paint is a result of the wetsanding. As soon as everything is welded and POR15 is applied, I will apply a coat of Tie-Coat primer over the POR15 and apply seam sealer along all the panel edges. (and then another light coat of primer over the seam sealer). Here's the pics:

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Good work Jay!
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