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CRX sighted in the movies

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The main bad guy is chauffered around in a CRX in the film Red Spectacles by Mamoru Oshii (the guy that did Ghost in the Shell). Live action film, bizarre by even Japanese live action standards.
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Live action is based on a cartoon or comic, rather than a purposely written movie script.
There is a sweeping shot in Speed that shows a second gen crx. I think its after they get off the bus and before they get on the subway. Its parked on the street. Sweet!
red car looks like hf or dx drives by in soriority boys right after the powder puff football team just saw it now

if i'm not mistaken theres a crx at i think a laundromat in hulk hogans film urban commando go ahead laugh this means i admit to seeing the movie atleast once
here in QC at a local TV Show they used one of our friend CRX!! :lol:

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I find it funny that instead of having an umbrella on a stand, they have a guy just to hold it :lol: :lol: :lol:
It was for that emissions :

Web site done by ... myself ;)

In the "Albums photos" section you will find that :

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I'm bringing this one back from the dead because I spotted a couple CRX's in the movie Made In America. (It's a horrible movie with Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Dansen. It also has a young Wil Smith (from his Parents Just Don't Understand / Girls Ain't Nuthin' But Trouble era) It's one of those early 90's "OMG my father is a white guy" kind of movies.)

Anyway. . .in the opening scene, Whoopi Goldberg is riding her bike through the congested streets in some big city somewhere. She passes a champagne EF sedan (this sedan can also be seen passing her later in the scene), then a couple cars later she passes a white EF hatch. Then she passes a black 2nd gen CRX!

A few scenes later, she comes out of a car dealership (again, on her bike) and sideswipes a parked blue 1st gen CRX, setting off the alarm. Later in that scene, she's on the other end of town and a blue 1st gen CRX passes in the opposite direction of the street (I'm assuming it's the same CRX from the other scene)
i know i saw a yellow Si in fron of Seinfeld's apartment once and theres another episode where jerry is trying to hail a cab outside a movie theater and theres a really nice looking red 1g behind him
toxiclows said:
red car looks like hf or dx drives by in sorority boys right after the powder puff football team just saw it now

Great movie to this day.
i just saw the seinfeld episode where theyre lost in the parking garage and theres a blue 1g there
If im not mistaken in the movie True Lies. Early Arnold movie! She (his wife) either drives a Civic Hatch or a 2nd Gen CRX... I could be wrong though!
ok i was watching Commando Governor arnold's movie from 1985...and correct me if i'm wrong...but when he goes to kidnap the black lady in the parking lot...she is parked about three cars away from a G1 CRX

this link shows some interesting ones
^That's an awesome link! :D

I was watching Seinfeld last night and they had a real good shot of the yellow 2nd gen again. :p What's funny is my g/f pointed it out. haha
yeah great link stibby! i typed in "gone in 60 seconds" and thats an interesting list that comes up haha
not exactly sure, but i think i remember seeing a crx in "fast and furoius" while paul walker is at race wars
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