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crx tech meet

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ok for all of you people willing to travel or live in the washington metro area we are having a meet on sunday march 25th we have a place set up in croften maryland we are going to bbq and have a good time in maryland if your interested the details are at in the forums we already have 10 confirmed crxers in attendance it should be good fun. so again th details are at
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If you post it here, it's only fair to put the details here as well.
Don't count op people signing up there just to see the details on a meet.
the thing is we dont really have the details yet we are still discussing it in the forum, as far as i know it will be sunday the 25th at croften park but i just dont want anyone to show up if we change anything thats why i asked for people to check the site out<more up to date information
Yeah! another place I have seen Sticks crx its the " Awesome crx" on the pics page.
lol the people that organize the meets don't take control the sight ignore all the rice lmao i guarantee that thoughs are not our cars lol
lol that one is my desktop on my computer:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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