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Hiya J's... thanks for the input (always welcome constructive criticism ;) ), and welcome to the site!

Please feel free to submit whatever you'd like to me (johnw at iconautoparts dot com)... I may or may not use it, but if i use it, and the image is something that you've taken of your own car, or an image that you own, i'll need an image release signed... If you don't want to go through that hassle, thats understandable. I'm already working on a new site redesign anyway that should be implemented middle of next month sometime, so i already have a title bar image worked out, but like i said, i don't mind seeing other ideas.

As an aside, if you are proficient with PhotoShop, and have a desire to help out around here a little bit, our Featured CRX Team is looking for a good PS'r still as far as i'm aware... if you are interested, contact 'Ollie' or myself via PM's.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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