Honda CRX Forum banner stickers - preview

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For all those who have been asking, here is was the basic design will look like:

The decals will be 10" long by about 5/8" tall. I have already sent out a batch of them to CRXFisher.
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sweet.... should I put it where the Resource sticker USED to be? hmmm....

I think I'll put them both on the rex. 8)
OO oO oo.
Can I have one? :lol:
ollie said:
OO oO oo.
Can I have one? :lol:
Everyone can....except ollie. ;) j/k
Booo. :p
Can I have 1,248? I want to put them all over my car. LOL :lol:
Sure, that will cost you $702. But Stickershop might give you a discount if you buy that many.:D Of course if you want 1 or 2, you can have them for free. :)b
CeeAreEx90 said:
Can I have 1,248? I want to put them all over my car. LOL :lol:
*Pulls out his calculator with a big maniacal grin* :D
ill take 2 of those. .. if there is a cost. . let me know and ill paypal the money.. .

also I would not mind having 2 large ones to go across the top of the windshield. .or better yet. . . .scaled to fit the back small window of the car no.... bottom of the big back window.... . perfect spot... . measure the size and scale one to fit and ill take 2 of them... . let me know the cost..

Those look great.. . . when can we expect them to be done and ready to ship?
I should be able to custom make them in any size. But if you want them free/cheap, you should talk to CRXFisher about the ones I sent him. For custom sizes, please email me through my website.
I want one too!!! w00t
I'm still anxiously waiting for the decals. Hope they get here soon!
I'll take one too. I can put it up next to my bed and look longingly at it each night as I drift off to sleepy land thinking about a new CRX.
nice!! stickershop makes some quality stickers super cheap !!!!! i got some of my own on my car :)
Fisher, is there any specific time you are expecting to send some out?
Yep, as soon as I get them. It's been about a week and a half I think. Should be here any day now. Everybody who wants one, if I don't have your address yet via PM, send it to me and I'll get it out as soon as I get them.
I just got a call from my wife who says that the decals have arrived. Also, somebody had asked me what color they are. They are all white. I'll start sending them out tomorrow to everybody who asked for one.
Here it is, so you can see the size and color:

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